Northglenn, CO Dentists Warn that Ignoring Tooth Pain Leads To Future Dental Disasters

When errant tooth pain makes an appearance, we just haven’t scheduled time to deal with it

We lead crazy lives! A typical day is packed with activities, leaving barely enough time to kick back and relax. When errant tooth pain makes an appearance, we just haven’t scheduled time to deal with it. And so most of us choose to ignore it. A recent survey from Oral Health America shows that the majority of Americans experiencing new tooth pain don’t see a dentist. At the time, ignoring a few twinges may not seem like a big deal. Don’t let yourself fall into a tooth decay trap! Minor oral pain is often a sign of more significant dental issues, or even non-oral illnesses like sinus infections.

When those in the mentioned survey were questioned why they didn’t see a dentist, 73% cited concerns about the cost. Yet avoiding a dental visit today can result in much more costly, necessary dental treatments down the road. Even if the initial problem is nothing more than a small cavity, if that cavity is left untreated, it can lead to expensive, involved dental procedures.

Of course, if you are experiencing tooth pain, you should seek pain relief. But when it comes to over-the-counter tooth pain relievers, or even holistic alternatives, know that the best tooth pain reliever is a dentist’s opinion. You may be able to numb your tooth pain, but you won’t be able to remove tooth decay or gum disease. Don’t resort to dramatic home remedies for tooth pain or do-it-yourself dentistry: just make an appointment with a Northglenn, CO dentist.

Dentists and dental coalitions nationwide are working to do their part to raise oral health awareness, and they need. A recently launched Ad Council campaign promoting pediatric dental health offers kids 2-minute cartoons to watch while brushing their teeth, as well as readily available education materials. Excellent oral care is crucial during childhood and will prevent later tooth pain and disease. Teach your kids to be as responsive to dental issues as you are, so that they will one day teach their children to be the same. You lead them by example.

Don’t ignore your toothache. Call or visit your Jepsen, Murphy & Associates dentist today and get checked out. You will feel relief not just from your aching tooth, but from knowing that you are addressing the root of your problem.

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